Powder coating in architecture

Our Alesta® product brand offers you an extensive range of polyester products for the architectural field. These products have been specifically developed for applications on aluminium, steel and galvanized steel. The outstanding mechanical characteristics and weather resistance make our products the ideal solution for applications both indoors and outdoors.

Our range contains a variety of designs and effects that ensure a unique appearance while covering surface defects at the same time. The polyester coatings for the architectural field are manufactured pursuant to ISO 9000 and individually tested to ensure their excellent performance and colour stability.

Colours and effects now rank among the most important design elements and form part of the architectonic understanding of nature and humanity. Colour and different effects symbolize identity, great importance, quality and value preservation.
As an essential component of our customer service, we develop and produce individual colour collections for you that are broken down into various thematic areas according to colour shade and quality. We view our "Alesta Collections" as a valuable tool for you to meet the demands of modern architecture and interior design. Click here for an overview of the available collections:

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What is powder coating?
Powder coatings are organic, usually thermosetting coating powders with a solid content of almost 100%. In contrast to all other coating technologies, coating with powder coatings requires no solvents. Powder coatings can be used both indoors and outdoors and are applied in architecture, in general industrial coatings on both steel and aluminium construction, including balcony or fa├žade elements, fencing and wire products, steel girders and agricultural machine components. Other fields are indoor applications including radiators, metal furniture, shop fittings or domestic appliances.
All our products are of course free of TGIC and heavy metal, contain no harmful volatile matter and are largely non-labelled. All architectural products have Qualicoat and GSB certification.